Wednesday, May 8, 2013

These Colors Don't Run

Last Tuesday was the last training session for the Couch-to-5K program I was coaching.  We finished the eight weeks off with a bang and celebrated with a hearty cheer of victory.  The picture was too good not to share, despite the blacked out faces my contract requires.

Go us!

The 5K race to which the group has been building was on Saturday, The Color Run: Austin.  The race's premise is based on the Hindu religious festival of Holi, although all that remains in the Americanized, non-religious version is people throwing colored powders onto participants and into their faces as they complete a 5K course.

Everyone to whom I described the race that would run 5K for time had the same response: "the last thing I want while running a race is to have someone throw colored dust at me."  Everyone to whom I described the race that has never run a 5k had the same response: "cool."  My group was very excited.

It was actually cold in the morning before the start, 48 degrees when I left the house, so I led them in a short warm-up before they joined the tremendous number of racers.

Everyone wears a white shirt and passes through four powder color stations - yellow, blue, pink, and orange - in addition to crossing paths with roaming race officials carrying insecticide sprayers full of liquid paint in turquoise, green, and other vivid colors.

I rode around the course on my bike, taking pictures and trying to stay up-wind from the paint powder.  You can see how far the pink plume spread.

Some people go on their merry way, albeit while wearing a tutu, and are decorated with whatever colors come their way.

Others embrace a basting. 

Still others may have emerald hair for a few days.

There is color and color-lovers everywhere.  I told my group that it was by far the most colorful pre-race area I had ever seen.  Most triathlons are just a sea of black, white, red, and blue, with the occasional pink highlight.  Not many tutus in triathlon either, which is a shame.

Again, these are all pictures of people I did not train.  Those I cannot share, but I finally can share my employer.  Disney.  I was contracted by (familiar to triathletes as the IM race registration website, but they have a whole different section for training athletes) to train local Disney employees.  So I guess all of the color at their goal race makes sense, right?

I thought I successfully avoided any major coloring incidents.  Then I blew my nose when I got home and it was blue and orange.

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