Thursday, May 23, 2013

Unreported Side Effects

Every job has some aspect that no one ever thought to tell you about.  When secretaries first started training on typewriters, someone forgot to mention repetitive stress syndrome.  No one warned the microwave popcorn factory workers about "popcorn lung".

I knew I'd get bike tan lines.  I didn't expect them to be on my hands.

My fore-fingers are a different shade than my pinkie fingers.  A tan line runs the line of my knuckles.  And it's only May.  

Consider yourself warned about what happens when you ride around with your hands like this.


1 comment:

RM said...

Kelzie! I saw your name on the start list for REV3 Williamsburg and went to type an email, but couldn't find your contact info. I think it was in my old BlackBerry and not in "the cloud" anywhere. Anyway hope you're doing well, shoot me a message when you have a chance

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