Wednesday, February 5, 2014

GPOY: Am I Alive Edition

[Taken in July, 2013; Posted February 5, 2014, when I only have scar tissue to show for it.]

Stop, drop, and...slide.  But alive.

I never expected my first selfie to have blood in it.


Dan said...

Impressive. How did you manage to slide on the back of your shoulder? I am very good at destroying my arms and hips; I have never succeeded in skinning my back

Kelzie said...

It's one of my secret superhero skills. I had caught my toe and was in full-on Superman mode; I was attempting to "stop, drop, and roll" to protect a direct bashing-in of my chin and nose. I formed a loose tuck and tried to head to the right, but when I hit the loose gravel surface of the trail, I slid, stuck mid-roll, instead of completing the roll. The pictures of my right fore-arm and right quad are equally as gnarly.

This of course occurred in the first 3 minutes of my run, and I finished the hour. Watching the realization of "that girl is dripping blood" dawn on the face of all the people coming towards me on the trail was great run entertainment.

As a high-school friend of mine used to say - "Skin: it's a renewable resource."

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