Thursday, February 13, 2014

Missing Time

After so many years my brain operates as a convoluted mix of athlete and coach.  Like an athlete, I do what I'm told without questioning.  Like a coach, I am always keeping track of distance, pace, purpose, and accumulated time.

So then, thanks to the scientist in me, I calculate missing time.  When the time eaten up by the swim workout on the board doesn't fill the total time available for the workout.

I am very suspicious of missing time.

I am always the first person in my lane to bring attention to the fact that hey, after we finish the main set as written there will be 30 more minutes to fill.

I think it is prudent to be nervous about what can fill missing time.

So I was the only one not surprised when those 30 mins were filled with 20 x 100 best average on 1:20.  Glug, glug, glug.  I was even less surprised on Tuesday when it was 4 x 400 IM containing hypoxic work.  I'm actually writing this from the bottom of the pool.

Be suspicious.  Be nervous.  'Cuz missing time'll kill ya.

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