Friday, February 14, 2014

"Two Trutes"..."did you say trutes"..."oh excuse me your honor, two TRUTHS about swimming"

Sorry for the glut of swim-related posts, but swimming is pretty much all the exercising I have been doing lately.  In fact, I'm swimming as much as I did when I first started swimming in 2007 and 2008, maybe even more yardage-wise.   All of the chlorine soaking into my brain has helped me remember two truths about swimming that I had forgotten.

A solid 4000-5000 yard workout where I hit my intervals can overcome some of the worst vagaries of life.  In 2006-09 I worked a high pressure job that I eventually came to hate.  Whenever I was made to feel stupid or something well-planned turned on its head five minutes before a committee meeting, I would just think "I swam nearly three miles really well already day, try me and good luck."

Earlier this week I was reminded exactly that when I was pulled over just after practice for having lost my front license plate.  I then spent the day navigating the Texas license plate replacement system and the auto shop gender discrimination system.  When I say I need a #8 screw and a 3/8" socket wrench, I don't need you to measure things, I need a 3/8" socket wrench.  "Try me and good luck."

I then spent the afternoon making the BlueCross BlueShield claims department and the Chase business banking system defer in the face of my rampage.  I actually got a bank to give me money back.  "Try me and good luck."

The second truth is less "positive," but no less true.  In fact, it could be considered the first half of the pick-me-up in the first truth, because before the pick-me-up comes the crash.

A good friend and training partner, AK, once said as we headed to work after morning practice: "If my boss knew what swimming entailed, he would never have hired me, because when I get to work, I'm operating at 80% at best."

Holy cow does the drool factor increase exponentially for every additional practice you complete each week.  Thank god I didn't swim in high school because I don't know how I would have survived first period calculus.  Barely, is what I'm thinking.

And I am suddenly realizing why I didn't really discover coffee until I started that job - because I started swimming around the same time.

So I guess I can blame and thank swimming for just about everything.  #truth

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