Thursday, March 27, 2014

As Subtle As A Bomb

A bomb went off in my apartment last Thursday night.  You may have heard it from wherever you are.  Leaving behind the rumble of a semi-charmed life, the incident was highly unexpected and caused by a envelope and two sheets of paper.

Accepting me into my preferred graduate program.



I scheduled the posting of My Last Two Weeks In Pictures before I received this news.  Otherwise, that post probably would have included some different pictures. Like something that evoked [kaboom! your life is never going to the same again!].  Anyone want to find me a picture of that? 

The explosion had a little constructive interference because in the time continuum it was a one-third of a trio of concussive blasts.  First, I was having a conversation with my parents about a major surgery my dad was having the following day.  Secondly, I was texting a friend who had just landed back in the US after a trip home from Israel that required two unexpected over-night delays on two different continents.  And here I am opening my mail on a random Thursday night while on the phone: credit card bill, graduate school acceptance letter, stock trade noti....what?  All pretty much simultaneously.

As much as my acceptance surprised me - arriving nearly three weeks before the date I was told to start keeping an eye open for notification - it has thrown many people I have told for an even bigger loop.  I guess they took my comments on the intention to go to grad school as more general - "I plan to attend graduate school at some point in the mid-to-distant future" - while I meant it as much more time-sensitive: "watch me deposit this package of application materials into the nearest mail box." 

Other than the shock, the response has been gratifying.  People are happy for me, but sad - and make no mistake, I am too - that I am leaving.  It is nice to know that my presence in the lives of the people I enjoy most here in Austin is noticed and appreciated and will be missed.  Either that or they are lying to make me feel better.  It's working.

The best response was from someone who immediately jumped to my post-grad school plans:  "but you'll move back when you're done, right?  We have crazy people here too."

Which is exactly the way to spin my departure from Austin in a positive way.

The competition for city with the most crazy people in need of my particular talents, where I will move after grad school, starts today.  Submit applications to my inbox.

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