Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Music Dump: The Things Are Not What They Seem Edition

More new music has found its way onto my iPod, reminding me of old new music that sounds different, but the same - in that it doesn't always sound like how you would expect based on how it looks.

For the first one I provide an audio-only version, followed by a audio-and-visual-version.  In that case, do yourself a favor and take the blind taste test.

Otherwise there is only one video (the audio of Otis is his first song, the visual is the second), but never assume you know who the musician is or what he is going to look like.

Jungle, by Jamie N Commons ft. X Ambassadors

Won't you follow me, into the jungle?

Yes, this song was used in the trailer for season 2 of Orange Is The New Black (after it was used on Blacklist).  Good tunes for good TV.

There isn't a real music video for this song, so this video is just a compilation of photographs but you get the idea.

Home, by Marc Broussard

Somewhere 'round mile marker one-twelve
Papa started humming the funk

My daddy turned his face up towards the sky
And I knew that there was nothing to lose
I felt the crowd breathe in and I closed my eyes
And we disappeared into the groove


Ten Million Slaves, by Otis Taylor

Don't know where, where they're going
Don't know where, where they've been

Sun goes out, you'll be standing
You'll be standing by yourself

Ok, first the syncopated guitar.  And then that resonant bass line that you can actually hear move beneath the melody.  And then a crisp banjo?  He had me in the palm of his hand at the banjo.

[To get the visual of Otis Taylor, see Nasty Letter below.]

House of the Rising Sun, by White Buffalo

Now the only thing a rambler needs
is a suitcase and a gun
The only time he's satisfied 
is when he's on the run

Many many many singers and bands have covered this traditional folk song, the history of which is less than certain.  By far the most recognizable and commercially successful version was released by The Animals.

White Buffalo does the version I think best complements the lyrics, using a slower tempo and sah-weet low range.  Also, his version avoids the creepy lemming conga line dance moves.  [Yes, this cover was slightly rewritten and recorded for Sons of Anarchy, more TV with excellent music.  For another great song, check out the band Battleme doing Neil Young's Hey Hey My My.]

 And White Buffalo is this guy.  He's playing Austin in less than a week!!!!

Nasty Letter, by Otis Taylor

Somebody wrote me a nasty letter,
But they didn't sign their name
I think I know, I know who wrote it
Well I recognize, recognize that hand

Otis Taylor lives in Boulder, CO.  In many of his live concert and studio recording videos he wears ball caps from local Boulder bike shops.

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