Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Why Have Dishes When You Race Bikes?

May I introduce to you, my water bottle collection.

It's the entire upper shelf, front to back from the far right over to a little into the next cabinet to the left.  I used to have a lot more, but I purged when I moved from DC.  These are the ones I kept as souvenirs of memorable races, companies, and experiences.

From crewing the Leadville 100 Trail Race, a nice metal, flask-like bottle.  Not for riding, but definitely useful.

A bottle from a tri club in DC that doesn't even exist anymore, except in memories.

A souvenir from a race that kinda-almost-basically-really-doesn't exist anymore, the original IM Canada in Penticton.

One of the cheapest - yet still over-priced; $10 - souvenirs you can buy from IM World Championships.

Anyone remember these Gatorade bottles?  This is the classic Ironman water/sports drink bottle.  Before WTC (and Gatorade and Powerbar) got cheap, all liquid - water, Coke, Gatorade - provided by the race during the bike leg was distributed in these Gatorade bottles.  Plus if you went to a practice swim, the tent that stored your belongings gave you one of these bottles when you reclaimed your stuff.  The last time I remember them being at a race was 2007.  I must have 10 of them.


My mini-water bottle from IM Cozumel, next to a normal 24 oz bottle for size comparison.  They're high quality, but just so small.

Ah, the FRS bottle.  I was so excited when I got it, but now I am extremely conflicted that I still have it.  This bottle was pitched at my feet by Lance Armstrong at the Twin Lakes aid station during his return trip of the 2009 Leadville 100.  For five years it has remained empty, but unwashed; the dirt is "original."  Anyone want to test it for banned substances?

A color for all seasons.  And this is just the first box.

If you want to drink out of a real glass when you come to my apartment, you should probably bring your own.

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