Monday, June 23, 2014

3,678 Days

This morning at 8 AM I slid into a classroom desk for the first time in 3,678 days.  That's 10 years and roughly a month.  It turns out that during that time the external view hadn't changed that much.

The interval view, however, is considerably different.

The Support Staffers have been pushing for me to attend grad school since oh, about midway through middle school.  I understand why: their graduate degrees changed the entire trajectory of their lives (and only slightly less directly, mine).  But every time I considered where and what, nothing specific (or interesting) came to mind and so for years I resisted going to grad school simply to learn something or get letters after my name.

Now I'm sitting in a little white desk because I am ready to appreciate the experience.  The time and process can help me do what I really want to do, rather than just land me a degree, which is how I would have been approaching it if I had matriculated straight out of undergrad.

Let's just hope it doesn't take me 3,678 days to finish.

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