Friday, August 1, 2014

Last One Out, Hit The Lights

Earlier today I took the final for my summer class.  I'm already in Iowa.

There's a 2.5 week intersession between the end of summer classes and when I need to be back for my fall orientation process.  The road is done getting hit.

The summer after my freshman year in college I did something similar.  I came back to Wisconsin, got into my car, and drove as West as far I could until I had to turn around or miss my flight back to Boston to work my summer job.  I made it to Yellowstone and drove around in my little Mazda Miata convertible with the top down during a June snowstorm and parked next to bison that could have crushed my car like a tin can and watched as wolves (?) took down a fawn in very living color.

Sadly, I had been aiming for Yosemite.  The United States is big!  The Texan got me thinking about rectifying this not-so-near-miss when an August driving/camping tour from Austin to Portland was in the works.  Portland dropped out, but the South/West still called.

So Mom and I evacuated Bloomington as soon as was proper, and maybe even a bit before that.  I imagine that considering there are no classes until August 25, many people followed us out.  Somebody make sure to hit the lights.

The Best Of The West Tour: Summer 2014 has begun.  It's going to be hell on wheels.

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