Friday, August 8, 2014

My Cathedral Is The Badlands

I know I’m about 2,000 miles off from the Badlands, but this song has always made me envision this type of landscape.  In less than 24 hours, we have visited New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, and Utah.  For me, aside from changing planes, this is my first visit to New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah.  Plus Nebraska near the beginning and that’s a trip total of four new states.  North Dakota might be the only one remaining.

Such a quick swoop through the Four Corners area allowed for a really direct comparison of the terrain.  Someone took a belt sander to this part of the world and adjusted their settings as they went: barely a scrap off the top for Colorado, a flat top for New Mexico, wide swaths down to the base for Utah, and ’til there’s nothing left for Arizona.


New Mexico



Today was spectacular.  Words can’t do it justice.  Except perhaps to explain that at one point The Tour Bus off-roaded four miles up the face of a mesa.**

** The route: Cortez -- 160 to Kayenta -- through Monument Valley to Mexican Hat -- left on 316, stay on 281 (some is groomed dirt) -- Natural Bridges National Monument -- 95 north through Glen Canyon National Recreation Area -- Hanksville -- 24 to Torrey -- 12 thru Escalante -- Bryce Canyon National Park

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