Saturday, August 2, 2014

Sister In Arms

Our first stop on the #BestOfTheWestTourSummer2014 was Solon, IA, to check in with Les and The Skier Scott.

Les(ley) was the first triathlete I met upon moving to Austin who I didn't know before I arrived.  I flew in from Fuerteventura, moved into a temporary basement living situation, and started looking for a ride to New Orleans 70.3 (turned into a 69.1).  I found Les, and to this day can't remember who to thank for playing matchmaker.  She was a brand new pro, I was a relatively new pro.  We talked literally non-stop the entire 8 hour drive there (no one who knows us both are surprised) and then talked literally non-stop the entire drive home, but this time with a stop at Dairy Queen and my first ever stop at Whataburger.  My kind of woman.

Two summers ago she left for Iowa (yah Midwest!  boo leaving town!) and never came back. She has been splitting her time between Boulder and Iowa City and although I lost her, she found The Skier Scott and she seems to be in pretty good hands.

The drive itself was pretty straight forward: straight forward across the western half of Indiana, all of Illinois, and the eastern quarter of Iowa.  Windmills, Mennonites exploring the wonders of truck stop food emporiums, and Halloween candy on display on August 1.

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