Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Encino Men of South-West Colorado

It took 6 hours of relatively nondescript driving to get to Mesa Verde from Sante Fe, and although we needed to do the drive either way, I wasn't sold on not just going straight to the hotel in Cortez.  Mom wanted to see some ancient cliff dwellings and I was thinking "we are going to look at some rope fragments in a cave that some archeologist swears are the thousand year old garbage of our ancestors."

Our ancestors were so much smarter than that.  They built out of stone.  And away from the forces of weather and erosion.  No wonder their descendants are so enamored with Kim Kardashian.

These people (the scientific term is "Ancestral Puebloans" - a full-on vowel train wreck) were amazing.  Granted, they spent the majority of their day grinding corn into corn meal by hand with a rock, but their architectural designs were ingenious.  In the line of evolution they arrived long after the cave men, but they literally lived in caves.  If anything, we have devolved since 600 A.D.

Although it would have been nice if they hadn't decided to live so far off the highway.

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