Sunday, August 10, 2014

Thelma And Louise Do The Grand Canyon (And Sedona)

Late yesterday afternoon this road trip reached its inevitable pop culture conclusion.  Thelma (Mom) and Louise (me) arrived at the south rim of the Grand Canyon.  

Spoiler Alert: Thelma and Louise die at the end by driving into the Grand Canyon. 

Life did not imitate art: I spent 90 min sitting on a rock hanging over the edge of the Canyon, waiting for the sun to set.  Then we went and had dinner.

The next morning I found a different rock to sit on and we watched the sun rise.  

The sheer enormity makes that enormity difficult to grasp.  It’s like saying the rock that the Colorado River is currently starting to carve through is 800 million to 1 billion years old.  I understand the numbers, but what they represent in the passage of time, compared to my experience, is nearly unfathomable. 

In my early pictures the horizon was tilted and I figured I was having a hard time finding level.  I realized I was capturing landscapes so vast I was seeing the summation across miles of small changes in elevation plus the curvature of the Earth.  Suffice it to say that thing is wide (ten to tens of miles across) and deep (basically a mile).

Later we swooped down past Flagstaff to see the artist enclave of Sedona.  Like everywhere we have been so far, Sedona has rocks and they are some shade of red.  However, like everywhere we have been so far, they look different from all the other rocks we've seen.  

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