Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Lions And Tigers And Bears, Oh MY

My weekly trips to the ASPCA have continued.  I am heartened (and saddened) by the fact that many of the animals are not there week to week because they have been adopted in the intervening six days.   So I pretty much have no idea what or who I am going to find.

"This is my lap.  Get your own."

A tuckered out schnauzer puppy.

We've got our eyes on you.

First I was tested as a viable jungle gym.

Then I was tested for drift compatibility.

Sometimes its a snooze-fest.

Sometimes you meet new people who are the same color as you, but don't speak the same language.

Sometimes you find out that animals that do nothing actually are pretty fun (and what you look like after being sick for a week).

Occasionally I drag people who are related to me, there.

Occasionally I drag people who are not related to me, there.

And sometimes the two of you run into the professor who assigned you the group project that got you together on a Friday afternoon in the first place.

Which is definitely the weirdest thing that has happened to me at the animal shelter.

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