Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Some people have requested pictures of my offices/desk/hovel.  USCENTCOM it is not, but for me it gets the job done, a sort of KEBCENTCOM.

It sits in what was probably once a dank (if the water that comes in from the roof when it rains is any indication), dark, storage-space hallway above Royer Pool, where Doc Counsilman worked his magic.  My guess is that it became office space when the Counsilman Center for the Science of Swimming opened.

Now it's arguably some of the most scenic, least subterranean grad student desk space in HPER, populated by the grad students associated with the Center.  It comes with a soundtrack of splashing and lapping water.  I got a desk here totally by accident; the professor who runs the Center took pity on me when I was studying in the hall the first week of my summer class.  I got everyone addicted to cheese, Kringle, and my charm, and sacrifice myself to their studies upon request, and it has become my permanent home.

The hand sanitizer is the holy line of demarkation (name that show) between my desk and the next one.

Half of the Center's graduate students are Asian, and when I left for the Best of the West road trip, they made a save-this-space sign that incorporated the phrases for "good morning" in various Asian languages.  

One Monday in September I came in to find a framed print of a firefighter leaning against the wall with things written on it in dry erase marker and never moved it.  I can tell when boredom hits because new messages will show up.  Right now I've got "I'm Ohayo.  This is my desk." and "Hsuan-yu [who was my desk mate for a few months], I will always love you.  - HEART Your Fireman"  I have started using as an out-of-office message board, and my current favorite is "Ran away to join the circus.  Back by X. - KEB"  I added a picture of me running in Death Valley this summer because my interior decorating skills are top notch.  

Next week the under-desk area will be filled with swim gear and the smell of chlorine, and then it'll be a perfect home away from home.

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