Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Color Commentary From A Non-Colored Commentator

Random things that have made me double-take.

  • The ceiling of my gym....

  • If this isn't an apropos statue for a university campus, I don't know what is...

  • I now wear the same size I did in high school.  I'm not sure whether that says more about me in high school or me now.

  • The periodic nature of athletes' dress code is odd.  What is it they say: you either die the hero or live longer enough to see yourself become the villain?  Well, in athletic uniforms, you either remain in utility/fashion or you show up in another sport entirely.

          There are a good number of serious undergraduate weightlifters who use the IU gyms.  What they wear looks like the classic professional basketball uniform - that basketball players don't wear anymore: Chuck's, tall socks that almost reach the knee, short shorts (that look a bit weird on such massive quads), and a tank top cut as down as far as SRSC will tolerate and still admit them. 

           Compare this to the "bro lifter" (guy who goes to the gym with his friends because it's a guy group activity; they would all rather be playing video games) dress code - which is basically the modern professional basketball uniform.  They wander in packs, wearing whatever gym shoes they have available, socks of only necessary height, baggy long shorts (extra points for past the knee) and baggy long t-shirts with sleeves.  Maybe it's because they don't actually lift consistently or heavy enough to warrant exposing parts of their body for inspection as to, you know, actual muscle growth. 

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