Friday, January 30, 2015

Things They Don't Tell You About Grad School, Part 3: You Need A Different Type Of Security Blanket

One of my counseling classmates was - is - experiencing food insecurity.  That's a politically correct way of saying she doesn't have enough money to buy food for herself and those in her household.  She made an off-hand comment very early in the semester, which I thought was hyperbole, but after paying closer attention over several classes, I realized it wasn't.

She has now received the support she needed to get through a very rough patch, but I learned a lot - about the available resources, humility, and the realities of students at IU.  For example, there are homeless students at IU.  They don't start out that way, but after paying tuition, they end up not being able to pay much else.  The undergraduate advisors in the School of Public Health have started a food pantry in the basement of the building because 3-4 students per week come in with concerns relating to food access.

Compare this to the fact that there are international students driving around campus in Lamborghinis.

Anyway, I told the story in general terms to my SPH grad classmates and they were basically stunned.  Being in grad school may make you like an adult, but that doesn't mean you won't need a security blanket.

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