Sunday, February 22, 2015

Thank You, Sir. May I Have Another?

I am a diesel engine.  In physiological terms, I am Type I or slow twitch: one big slow-to-twitch, but slow-to-fatigue muscle.  Interestingly, I'm a decent sprinter over short (SHORT) distances, so I probably have a not microscopic percent of Type IIx muscle fibers.  But don't ask me to do middle sprint distance (Type IIa) without a substantial amount of training.

Which makes my idea of taking up pool swimming all the more harebrained.  I don't have the type(s) of muscle fibers to be good at it.

Luckily, through the right type of training, Type I fibers can be made to transition to Type IIa, in which case I have a chance.

However, another strike against me is that as we age, Type II fibers of both types naturally transition into Type I.  So I'm naturally slow twitch and only getting slow twitchier.  At the same time as my teammates are reveling in and honing their fast twitch capabilities, I am trying to turn an ever-increasing number of useless-for-swimming Type I fibers into Type IIa. 

Have you met my friend, Sisyphus?

And the third strike against me is that these past few months I have been training with an even younger age group.  Middle schoolers are at an age where they physically can't handle a ton of training, but neither do they need a ton of training to get faster.  They could mow the lawn and get faster at swimming.  Whereas I have well-developed, 32-year-old shoulders and the muscle mass that makes them pretty bomb proof, but I actually have to do the training to push back the underwhelming limits of my sprint endurance.

I wasn't making a big deal about it in the cyber world or the real world because I was lucky to even have a group willing to give me a spot in a lane, but since mid-November I just haven't been tasked with the training that will make *me* faster.   I realized that a while ago, but just in case I hadn't, adding 20 seconds across 6 events (and 8 of those in 100 fly alone) in last weekend's meet drove home the point.   

Anyway, I just finished (NOTE: yesterday as I wrote this) my first 3-hour senior group practice since October and despite not being able to lift my arms, I am weirdly ecstatic because FINALLY.

So much acute muscle failure and a lot earlier than I was getting it last fall, but better late than never - because my championship meet of the season is in two weeks.

Thank you, sir.  Can I make it double?

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