Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Pole Dancing, Tacos, and Lipstick

Pole dancing, tacos, and lipstick: a pretty normal weekend in Manhattan, if my previous visits there are any indication.  There was the time in 2007 that I went to NYC to run a marathon and ended up at a wake (yeah, the funeral type) in Times Square at 2 am and woke up the next day after the entire marathon was over.  I've also done three theater tours there with a drag show written by college students.

This trip for a bridal shower (two weeks ago now) was pretty tame by comparison.

Early on in any trip to NYC I am reminded that it is WAY too much city for me.  I usually want to leave as soon as I arrive, and I never stay for very long.  This place stresses me out.

I took public transport from LaGuardia to our hotel in NoLita, a distance of 9 miles, which I could have walked faster than the bus/subway combo got me there.  BUT then I would have missed this gem.

And this even bigger gem.

My frustration at the price (read: time, money, inconvenience) that locals pay to live here, was quelled by tacos (read: tacos worthy of Texas that don't exist in Indiana).  They were made for me by Mexicans running a tiny storefront, and they were delicious.

Our hotel was awesome (a 17th-floor suite with no exterior walls, just windows, that slept 10 and had a view of the Empire State Building from the living room) and the bulk candy store across the street was pretty cool too.  It sold beer-flavored Jelly Bellys.  Neat, but gross.

Our first group activity was make-your-own lipstick.  Only in NYC (and maybe LA).  They take all these super-concentrated pigments,

mix them together to approximate your color preference,

and once you approve the final color, they manufacture it right there.  No whales were harmed during this bridal shower.  (Yes, I'm wearing a fork, actually two welded together, on my wrist.  My ring was a flattened screw.)

The rest of my pictures from the night (tapas and card games in our suite) are crap because of the lighting.  Even though it took me 2.5 hours to get from NoLita to JFK, I can't dislike too much a city that preserves beautiful stained glass in its subway stations.

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