Sunday, April 5, 2015

U + Me = Global Catastrophe

I saw this article on Slate about how California is about to break off and splash into the Pacific, or thereabouts (shrinking snowpacks and megadrought).  Not to worry, Snake Plissken is on his way.  (For the full Snake Plissken effect, start here.  The blood special effects are…truly special.)

Anyway, my real first thought was AK, of Original Iron Woman fame, because she measures snowpacks.  I shot her a quick email.

“It looks like you got into snowpack measurement at just the right time.  How prescient of you!

Does it weird you out that the first thing I think of when I hear about global warming is you?

That should be a someecard or something.  ‘My relationship with you reminds me of global catastrophe.’”

PS - The two best someecards when I went looking for that link were: “Jesus regrets dying for you” and “I hope you have a better Good Friday that Jesus did.”  I better keep my day job.

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