Thursday, May 7, 2015

Earning The Monies

When I was a kid, every night at dinner my dad would ask "did you make them earn their money today?"

Well, today my class that I TA (not basketball) made me earn my money.

There are 220 undergraduates in this class.  The professor and I hand out 220 blank scantrons.  We hand out 220 test packets...uh oh, we only have 160 test packets.  The entire rear quarter of the lecture hall doesn't have a test.

While the professor and I are trying to project the test up front so that people could at least start working while more tests are printed, a student in the middle of the rear quarter starts having a full-on epileptic seizure.  People scatter, climbing over seats in front of and around them to clear the area, while others behind him are holding his head and shoulders.  Someone's calling 911 and about 20 people are trying to figure out the street address of this campus building smack in the middle of campus off the main roads.  The front part of the lecture hall works on the their tests.

I run back across campus to get 60 more copies of the test, leaving the professor to deal with the ambulance and cops.  Twenty minutes later I run back, sweating all over the copies.  The rear quarter of the lecture hall is sitting orderly like there wasn't just someone seizing in their midst.  So surreal.

When I told my dad, he said "a great day in education."

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