Saturday, May 2, 2015

Gippy Tummy Practices

It wasn't until I started swimming in earnest that I discovered that some workouts are so intense that they unsettle my stomach even after they are over.  It really feels like my stomach after a night of way-too-serious drinking (Who's drunk?  I'm not drunk. You're drunk.), when only greasy food will settle it.

At Harvard, the Sunday Brunch menu has a permanent item that the students affectionately call "Hangover Chicken."  It's totally machine-made, delicious and magical in its stomach-soothing abilities.

My normal after-practice snack is like grossly healthy: any combination of V8, yogurt, fruit, carrots.  After these gippy tummy practices, I can put these items in my mouth and basically gum them into mush - but I can't get myself to swallow them.  Only grease will do.  Only grease can soak up the grossness.  Only grease can tame the beast.

Chocolate milk, hash browns, and a sausage egg biscuit

Desperate times call for desperate measures: Wee Willie's in Ellettsville.  Yup, I drove to another community to get the best grease to settle my stomach.

Today was better than the last time I had to do this though.  I didn't fall asleep in their parking lot after eating.  I waited until I was in the laundromat a few hours later.

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