Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Bye Bye Buc-ee's

A year ago today I left Texas.  Totally unintentionally I have been saving a special treat to mark this anniversary.  You know how bride's save the top tier of their wedding cake in the freezer to eat on their first wedding anniversary?  Like that, but for the first divorce anniversary.  Damn it's going to taste sweet, and not just because it's from Buc-ee's.

Not that I've ever been divorced, but I imagine that not all divorces wipe clean all the best memories.  What do I miss every day?

#1: Longhorn Masters
#2: Food
#2a: BBQ...Cooper's beans, Franklin's brisket, Black's hatch green chile sausage
#2b: Taco Deli's tacos
#2c: Torchy's breakfast tacos
#2d: Juan In A Million's Don Juan taco
#2e: guacamole, slightly spicy, in abundance
#2f: Freebird's burrito salads
#2g: Phil's Icehouse burgers
#2h: fresh, handmade corn torillas
#2i: those tortillas (preferably El Milagro) with literally anything in others words, tacos
#2j: Buc-ee's
#3: Mel

1 comment:

the intern said...

omg, I am JUST NOW seeing THIS post... am I "Mel"?!??!?!?
btw, now you can update your blog because I am finally all caught up.

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