Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Ironman Nansio

Ukerewe (pronounced like "UK Railway" without any of the L) is the largest island on Tanzania's side of Lake Victoria, sitting 50km north of Mwanza.  Nansio is its main village, from which not that many dirt roads and paths weave around the island to the rest of the settlements.

In the morning I hopped a ferry to Nansio.  Because 50km is a long way to swim and I haven't been in the water since May.  Plus Lake Victoria is infected with bilharzia.

Then Blue Steel and I explored the island.  It's really the first time I've been on a bike outside of a gym since Fall 2013.  Our bike split was pretty pitiful, but riding a steel, single speed on washboarded dirt will do that.  

Do you know how many times I reached for the non-existent water bottle on my down tube?

The bike course was not closed to traffic so Blue Steel and I got caught in a traffic jam...of sorts.

The course was quite scenic, taking me from one side of the island clear to the other.

A first for me: I stopped in the middle of a triathlon for a haircut.  All of these local guys were sitting outside a "saloon" (that's what they're called here) for their Sunday afternoon trim.  I got in line, and Gordon did...a cut.  I asked for 2 guard on the sides, like usual, but he abandoned that right off after seeing how little hair was being removed.  I ended up with nearly bald racing strips from temples to nape.  Combined with the long hair on the top, it resembles a modern monk, without the bald pate.

I explored the suburbs of Nansio before returning Blue Steel.

I skipped the run, cut the course, and walked across the street to dinner.

What??!?  I don't do triathlons anymore.

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