Thursday, September 24, 2015

Things They Don't Tell You About Grad School, Part 9: Know Your Coping Skills

I had a midterm both Monday morning and Tuesday late afternoon.  After maintaining such an intense and narrow focus of attention (I got a 102% on one of them, so at least it was worth), the letdown was palpable.  What was also palpable: the desire to pet rabbits and the craving for fiery onion rings.  To the shelter and Aldi I went.

One of a pair of litter mates named Cookie and Creme...obviously
Cookie...or Creme...not sure which, but definitely the other one

At Aldi, I found not only fiery onion rings, but also chipotle Cheez-Its.

I drove home eating both of them out of my passenger seat.  Knowing that if I brought them into my apartment, I would eat them all, I sagely left both containers in my backseat.

Fast forward to yesterday afternoon.  I'm working on an assignment in the office and starving like WHOA because I ran for an hour before breakfast, when I remember BLAMO! I have fiery onion rings and chipotle Cheez-Its in my car a block away.

How would I describe the jealousy of the undergrads who I passed while eating both fiery onion rings and chipotle Cheez-Its by the handful, on my way back to my office?


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