Friday, May 13, 2016

The Best $5 I've Ever Spent

The nature vs. nurture debate rages on, but neither are particularly friendly forces.  In the wild, baby elephants that can't keep up with the herd are left behind.  If they don't bond with their mother, there usually isn't another elephant that will feed them.  Nurture isn't that great either: baby elephants are left nosing at their poached mothers or fall down abandoned, but uncapped wells as settlements expand and contract.

In Kenya, some of the babies that are rescued end up at the David Sheldrick Center inside the Nairobi National Park, raised there by humans until they turn 4 and are slowly integrated into wild herds in one of the Tsavos.  For one hour each day, the orphans romp around in public.  The entrance fee is 500Ksh, and it's the best $5 that I have ever spent.

First is feeding time

Some decide they can feed themselves

When the milk runs out, they attack the trees
They play with each other

their caretakers

and finally their adoring fans

And then they say good bye :(

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