Monday, July 18, 2016

Beauty Fatigue

The Icefields Parkway from Lake Louise (or Banff, farther south, if you include the Bow Valley Parkway) to Jasper is "the most beautiful highway in the world."  I don't disagree, if you like mountains, glaciers, and light blue-ish-green lakes.  However, at this point mountains have become the equivalent of zebras on a safari: window dressing.  Every which way you look, there they are, bigger, snowier, cloudier - and now it's sometimes too cloudy to even see them.

Banff the town is a zoo.  A straight-up zoo, with $500/night hotel rooms for the animals.

Lake Louise the town isn't any better, but with views like this on Lake Louise the lake, Lake Louise the town can maybe be forgiven.

Moraine Lake, also in Lake Louise the town, isn't ugly either.

All Mom wants out of the Canadian leg of our trip is a moose sighting.  Our destinations aren't being very forthcoming.  We did however see a bear next to the road.  Immediately after: "Now I want a moose."

Waterfall above the clouds

Picture #1

All of the glaciers in the picture below (two of which are seen up-closer in the two pictures above) - and the several glaciers you can't see in the picture below - shoot off from the Columbia Icefield, the largest ice mass in North America.

Satellite of the Columbia Icefield from Google Maps...

If you look in the upper right hand corner of this satellite image, you can see a red arrow.  I took picture #1 (labeled above) standing at the tip of that arrow.  So the Columbia Icefield is quite large, and mostly can only be seen from space.

Unexpected sighting of the day: the "Wyndham Wyzard" in our Super 8.

When he's not in our breakfast room, he's Tormund Giantsbane on Game of Thrones.

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