Thursday, July 14, 2016

Drunk Bison and Jackson's "Hole"

Not all good days start at great diners.  But it certainly doesn't hurt your chances.

Fortified and after holding the cafe's Siamese cat, we started up the 11k ft Beartooth Pass, which leads to Yellowstone's Northeast entrance.  Mountains, mountains, everywhere you look.

Once in Yellowstone, these are pretty common views in its northern corridors.

See the bison herd?

 But sometimes the party gets a little crazy and the bison break dance.

Molting season

And very occasionally, they get a little too drunk and need a Safe Ride to get home.

(This picture is not zoomed in at all.  It was just that close to our car.)

Southern Yellowstone is mostly walking around and waiting for hot water to spew from the ground.

Yellowstone was absolutely overrun with people.  There were several stops we tried to make, before seeing the line just for parking and noping right out of there.  We headed south into Grand Teton National Park with an impromptu caravan of probably 50 vehicles.  So many, that they didn't stop and collect park fees because the wait would have caused a riot.

Unlike the open plains of northern Yellowstone (see above), the southern roads are closed in with pine trees and RVs.

Well hello there.

The Grand Teton Range

The Grandest Teton of the Grant Tetons

During trip planning I just knew I wanted to go to Jackson Hole.  In movies, if Playground Of The Rich And Famous #1 is Aspen and/or Vail, then Jackson Hole is Playground Of The Rich And Famous #1B.  Turns out Jackson Hole isn't a place; it's a big valley (plain) surrounded entirely by mountains. The plain is essentially in a hole.  Let this be the thing you learn today.

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