Monday, July 25, 2016

Elk ≠ Moose

I have an appointment scheduled for Monday in Boulder.  Our route was going to deliver us there a day early, so we hunted for diversions between Port Angeles, WA, and Boulder.  However, it stands to reason that that terrain was chosen as the Oregon Trail because it presented no diversions.  The most notable stops would have been Flaming Gorge and Hells Canyon - so now we know just how influential Dante was amongst the pioneer set -  but they were too far off the road.

Instead we arrived more than a day early and spent it in Rocky Mountain National Park, again.

The route to Estes Park from Fort Collins goes up Big Thompson Canyon, a 25-mile climb really popular with triathletes.

Rocky Mountain National Park is usually mountains everywhere you look.  Today, Rocky Mountain was mountains and elk everywhere we looked.

This view below represents as close as we came to our route from Walden to Fort Collins the night before, maybe about three miles as the crow flies.  Ain't no roads out there, little tour bus.

All the elk were nice looking, but still not moose :(

And then you descend off the Front Range through Ward and there sits Boulder.

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