Saturday, July 16, 2016

Like Watching Bob Ross

Until today, I thought nothing could rival Yosemite.  A worthy contender has revealed itself.

Even getting there is pretty.

Flathead Lake
The main tourist drive of Glacier National Park isn't very long (50 miles), and is naturally divided in half by the biggest mountains and the resulting pass.  Each side is a valley, leading away from said pass, and at the end of each valley sits a big lake.  Ironically, the least impressive part is the pass.  Everything else is turned up to like 10.5, if not 11.

Avalanche Creek

Root system of a tree that had fallen over

That's a 470 foot waterfall

Looking up at the pass
The Garden Wall

The Pass

The Pass

The Pass

In 1850, there were 150 glaciers in Glacier National Park.  Now there are 25.  Estimates are that no glaciers will remain by 2030.

Jackson Glacier

And the crown jewel of the park: Wild Goose Island

A couple sat on the rocks at Wild Goose Island.  The husband read a book while the wife watercolor painted the scene at a staggering speed and quality.  It reminded me of Bob Ross.  The couple has a deal: he gets to mountain bike and she gets to watercolor the overlooks.

You know what I think of when I look at this scenery, especially the glaciers?  If these are some of the biggest glaciers in North America now, imagine the size of the previous glaciers that it took to create these valleys :0

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