Saturday, July 23, 2016

Suzy Died Of Dysentery - And Base-Jumping

A huge touchstone of my generation is the computer game Oregon Trail.  Mom had never even heard of it, so I regaled her with tails of being told "you have died from dysentery" during "computer class" in elementary school.  It was icing on the cake that I was telling her this while we were looking at REAL RUTS ON THE REAL OREGON TRAIL.

So many people, animals, and wagons traveled this route to Oregon's Willamette Valley in the years following 1843, that the tracks still remain in 2016.  For the next couple of days, Mom and I are driving the Interstate that effectively mirrors the Oregon Trail trail: west across southern Wyoming/northern Colorado, southern Idaho, and into Oregon.  Hopefully neither of us will contract cholera while doing so.

Route of the Oregon Trail

Later that day we stopped in Twin Falls, ID, to see...two falls in a big gorge, which is spanned by a big bridge.

It's one of the few places (maybe only place) where base jumpers can jump legally, so instead of even finding the falls, we watched a movie/TV production film a jump!

Stepping over a perfectly good railing
There they go (two people were strapped together)...

If anyone's contracting cholera, it's those people base jumping into green water...

On to Utah!

The Great Salt Lake at the very very far edge


schmonz said...

And to think, they could have just forded the river!

Kelzie said...

But they probably would have lost an oxen and a box of bullets in the process.

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