Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Anti-Squee Brigade

Today's route heads through Forks, WA.  Those in certain circles know it as the setting for the Twilight books.  Mom and I couldn't care less.  Case in point: Mom keeps calling it "Fish" because she knows it's a single word that starts with "F" but can't remember which one.  I guess it's better than the alternative...

The Forks' Chamber of Commerce is basically a shrine to Twilight.  Tourists can pose for photos with life-size cardboard cutouts of all main characters, dress up as the doctor character (complete with blood donation bag....har har har), and buy shirts that say things like "Forks Loves to Suck".  So.

No one really brings up the reality that none of any of the movies was filmed in Forks.

This anti-squee brigade was headed to the Northwest of the Olympic Peninsula to do a Kelzie-in-a-boot-friendly hike.

"Look Ma!  I'm going to the Olympics!"

First, to get there, you head north.  The one thing that the Twilight movies did get correct is how everything just drips with green.

Once you almost reach Canada again...that's Victoria, BC as a strip beneath the clouds on the left...

turn left toward the Pacific.

From Ozette Lake, the Cape Alava hike covers 3.2 sedate miles, including lots of boardwalk, to reach the Pacific Ocean.

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