Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Kingdom of Starbucks and CostCo

After a border crossing late yesterday, we are back State-side in Washington.  All hail cell service!!

We drove west toward Seattle, crossing yet another mountain range.  The poor Cascades, after a week of mountains they are barely a blip, literally less than half as tall as the mountains we saw in Yellowstone/Grand Tetons/Glacier/Banff.  BUT they are the first mountains this trip that smell as you would expect.

Yellowstone smells like melted crayons.
Banff smells like tanned leather.
The Cascades smell like pine.

We spent a while following this rock.

It's driver said it was quarried in northwest Washington, and was being driven down to Oregon to be put on a boat on the Columbia River.  After that, it was presumably headed east.  A single rock, on an adventure to see the world, before it probably ends up as a statue or worse, a bank's floor.

We parted ways with the rock to head north to Bellingham.  Where all we did was walk into CostCo, buy turkey jerky, and walk out  - because it was full to bursting with Canadians shopping across the border (it's only 25 miles from Vancouver).  And then get stuck in the most epic traffic I have seen since leaving Austin.  Seattle might be awesome, but we didn't experience any evidence of that.  Mom wanted to see the original REI, which she did....from 100 yards away, on the Interstate, in stand-still traffic.

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