Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Meat Sweats Or Bust

A year after I left Austin, I wrote a list of what I missed from my time living there.  It basically came down to TXLA, Food, and Mel.

This past weekend I was in Austin for a wedding - Mel's wedding - and as this was my first return since I left in June 2014, I manufactured a reunion tour.

My first afternoon I visited the Mother Ship.

Then I threw caution and pain to the wind, and ran on The Trail.  

I made a pilgrimage to Torchy's.

The next morning I dropped in on Longhorn Masters (TXLA), where a surprising number of people were excited to see me and it became clear that a surprising amount of my swim fitness is gone.  However, my pro-longed shoulder rehab does seem to have done a whole lot of good.

That night the rehearsal dinner was hosted at Franklin Barbecue.  

I swam again with Longhorn, ran again on the Trail, and tried to cool off in preparation for a sure-to-be-steamy, early evening outdoor wedding on South Congress.  The next morning I was on a plane back to Indiana before 6 am.

I always wonder what places I have already visited for the last time.  If this weekend is my last ever visit to Austin, I am content.

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