Thursday, September 22, 2016

To Be "Injured" Or To Be "Not Injured"

Over the last couple of weeks I have wondered when in my recovery process I would feel like I qualified to say "I am no longer injured."

Ostensibly this conversation is valid, and not an insignificant concern for athletes returning from long-term injury.

Realistically I was getting ahead of myself, although I didn't know it until this Monday.

I'm broken, mostly likely, to some degree, in the same place, for the 5th time since January 1.

Awesome. {/sarcasm}

My current/second doctor, a podiatrist, is tapping out.  My problem is "too sport".  He prescribed 3.5 months of conservative treatment, which I followed (exhibit A)(exhibit B), and he doesn't know why it didn't work.  With no better idea why it didn't work the previous three times (under a different doctor who was a sports med ...).  So I'm moving on up the treatment - and geographic - ladder, referred to Indianapolis-based doctors.

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